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"Highly recommended" 

"My experience at the London Wellness Centre has been amazing. From the day I made my first appointment they have gone above and beyond to help me on my journey to recovery. I highly recommend Edward, the chiropractor who has been treating me. I have always felt very comfortable in my treatments and I quickly noticed very positive results in my everyday life activities such as sleeping and walking. One thing I really appreciate is his approach in setting goals for my recovery and then assessments that visibly show me the progress of my treatments."

Jenny Lewis   ★★★★★

"No pain anymore!!!"

"Edward exceeded my expectations and literally changed my life turning into a superwoman!! I feel like a teenager again with no pain and forgotten range of movements just after 6 weeks (and it’s only half way). One of the best investments I have made!! Edward not only very professional and efficient but also has a great friendly aura around him making you very comfortable. I also must mention the Italian girl who does deep tissue massage. She was also very very good and definitely knew what she was doing (I wished I could see her more often)."

Maria Tutuka   ★★★★★

Choose to take action, deal with the source.


Which category suits your situation?

When taking the assessment, you will fit into one of these colours. Find out which one is yours.


Your health is at a satisfactory level. That means that you are likely taking good care of yourself. However, given the current social climate, working with technology contributes to a sedentary lifestyle and encourages poor posture. The likeliness and possibility of body improvements are high.


Not bad, not good, a bit of trouble in paradise. Your musculoskeletal aches and pains and limited range of motion make you feel stiff, sore and stuck when trying to move around. Poor musculoskeletal health can manifest into poor and sluggish digestion, the reduction of heart and lung capacity, shortness of breath and loss of concentration and focus levels.


Ouch, unfortunately, this is not good news. You are likely experiencing poor system health. Insomnia, headaches, anxiety, digestive issues are all common problems related to nervous system dysfunction. Experiencing symptoms like the above can lead to depression and fatigue that affect proprioception resulting in poor balance, body compensation and can accelerate the joint ageing process.

Hear it from a severe case


"I loved it!!"

I started my LWC journey with Victoria. She is easily the most fashionable, adaptable and caring healthcare practitioner I have ever met. After a lengthy and troublesome history with my medical condition, I found it very difficult to trust and feel comfortable in new spaces. However, Victoria went above and beyond to ensure I was getting the support I needed, and I felt comfortable throughout.

I don't think I would have had the pleasure of starting my journey back to good health so fearlessly without her.

An award-winning masseuse with a heart of gold.

With my back always being in the most uncomfortable pain, I often find myself on a massage table. I've had the pleasure of receiving a massage from spas worldwide, but nothing compares to the quality of care and service offered by Fredrica.

Once you enter the consultation suite, you're greeted with a relaxing and comforting ambience. The room is always clean, beautifully decorated (with art made by Fredrica! I know, excellent), and free of clutter.

I have sensitive skin (psoriasis), which is near reactive enough to anything 'harsh'. I discussed this with Fredrica on my first visit, and I was amazed to see that this would not be an issue. Not because she had changed her products to suit me, but because she had intentionally chosen the best and most sensitive products for ALL of her clients. She maintains an exceptional standard of service and carries it out every session with a dedication to perfect comfort.

I was lucky enough to follow her progress through the International Massage Championship 2020. You can see her fearless creativity and dedication to healing on YouTube & Facebook.

If you ever find that you have a spare hour in your week- I would suggest booking a massage. You will not regret it!

Often, on the days that I visit the LWC, I am already feeling dreadful. Sometimes the anticipation of an adjustment can be daunting, and it can make it difficult to relax and trust the journey of your appointment. I am eternally grateful to Edward for being attentive and empathetic enough to either help me through a panic episode or patiently wait for it to pass.

The most gentle form of care is patience, and I'm pretty sure I learnt that lesson from Ed. I have stepped into 80% of my appointments uncomfortable, anxious and upset. Honestly, I'm still not quite sure how, but Ed's welcoming nature would switch that around in no time. Before progressing onto the adjustment, Ed would walk me through it, reassure me that there was nothing to worry about and discuss how it would benefit me going forward.

Ed has been a vital part of my journey back to good physical and mental health, and I am deeply thankful.

I have only seen Ben twice, and both times I have been shocked by Ben's willingness to provide well-rounded care. Not only did he take time out of his schedule to discuss how he could optimise the usefulness of his adjustments- but he also researched how it interacts with my condition. It was so helpful! His reading suggestions gave me the courage to explore more about my endometriosis, make necessary adjustments and improve my quality of life beyond my appointment slot.

Max & Mindy
The support I have received with the Canary Wharf LWC team has been the highlight of my week for a few months now. I can always guarantee that I will be met with a clean environment, a smiling face and a helping hand.

The staff are all dedicated to providing a well-rounded service, even in minor things.

I had been visiting LWC during the most transitional periods of my recovery. As I learned more about my health, I needed to make more changes to my healthcare plan. For example, the Silver Package gives you:
1. Omega 3 DHA - EPA
2. Vitamin D3 + K2
3. Magnesium
4. Probiotics

Every single item suggested worked an absolute treat! But I quickly realised that lactose and my gut do not agree with one another. The probiotic (Bio-Kult) contained dairy and declared war on my gut.

On my next visit, I discussed this dilemma with Max (not expecting action to be taken as the probiotics were excellent otherwise). Max immediately started searching for vegan probiotics that he could substitute for the standard supplements. This single kind gesture had a fantastic ripple effect on my health! Once the new supplements arrived, Max ran me through the contents, benefits, and personal experience with the product and happily answered any questions.

Rest assured that this team will help you through what you need in the most transparent and gentle ways.

Olivia Murray

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single action...

The saying goes, "...with a single step", but in this case, we are not taking steps just yet, we are taking action. Now it's your turn.

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